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One Piece - The Movie


The first One Piece movie in which Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Nami embark in the search of a legendary treasure of a pirate, but for it they will have to face El Dragoon, a man able to shot an enormous ray of light out of the mouth.


One Piece - The Clockwork Island adventure


While Luffy and its friends were enjoying the good time in an island somebody robs their ship. The team leaves in search of the thief and they meet with the Pirates of the King Bear who takes Nami as hostage. The Nami's rescue operation tooks them to Clockwork Island, an island suspended in the air thanks to a mechanism similar to the one of the clocks, which is under the control of the Pirates of King Bear.


One Piece - Rare animal island: Choppers kingdom


Luffy pirates arrive by accident at an island that is hidden behind a water wall. In this island only live animals and there is a group of furtive hunters who are after the horns of the king of these animals. According to the legend the one that ate the horns of the king of the animals obtained a force equivalent to the one of a God. For our surprise Chopper will be chosen the new king of the animals, which will put to him in the front sight of the hunters.


One Piece - Dead End adventure


Luffy and the others enters in a competition between pirates the "Dead End race", during witch they gets surrounded in a fight between Shuraiya the bounty hunter and Gasparde a pirate with 90.000.000 Berries wanted on his head that uses the symbol of the marines crossed like his flag. Gasparde in addition has eaten the Ame Ame fruit.


One Piece - The curse of the sacred sword


The Straw Hat pirates arrive at an island where Robin reads an old writing that discovers the history of a supposed holy sword that resides in the island. On the other hand Zoro that was taking care of the ship is surprised by a supposed friend of the past. This childhood friend of Zoro is under control of the power of the holy sword and with it is manipulating the marines of the island. Zoro allies with his old friend giving the back to Luffy and the rest of the crew that tried to defend the town of the power of the sword.


One Piece - Baron Omatsuri and the Island of the Secrets


Luffy finds a bottle floating in the sea, inside there is a map to the Omatsuri Island and a message: "You are the chosen pirate of the 100.000.000 pirates of the Grand Line". Hallucinating, Luffy decides to go in search of adventures to the Omatsuri Island. When they arrive, they discover that it is an island without anything special, but an amusement park magical appears suddenly and a strange man, the Omatsuri Man! Who proposes to the crew a competition, the Test of Hell.


One Piece - The mechanical kyohei of Karakuri Castle


The Straw Hats finds a treasure box in which an old one with gold teeth hides. She talks them about a mechanical island and a legendary treasure, to which the team and specially Nami cannot resisted, reason why they decides to sail for the adventure. Once in the island they meet with Ratchet, the son of the old woman who thinking that the pirates had kidnapped his mother, reason why he attacks the Straw Hats. Once everything is clarified they decide to united force to find the treasure.


One Piece - Episode of Arabasta: The desert princess and the pirates


The remake of the Arabasta arc, concentratEd in the confrontation between them Straw Hats and the Baroque Works officials. Except for the animation of the film, there is nothing new, there is no remarkable newness. It's the same history, but some things has been cutted out to fullfill the movie size.


Episode of Chopper +: Bloom in winter, miracle sakura


The ninth One Piece movie is a reinterpretation of the Drum story arc. The big difference is that Franky, Robin and the Thousand Sunny are already part of the crew when they reach the island. The main concept of the story remains the same, the crew arrived at the island searching a doctor for Nami and they found out that the only person able to cure her in this country is a witch who lives in the old castle on the top of the mountains, due to the doctor hunting from the former ruler, King Wapol. Along with Wapol a new character is introduces in this story, her brother Musshuru.


Strong World


The tenth film follows Golden Lion Shiki plan, 20 years after the events narrated in its prequel, "chapter 0". A series of attacks that hit the East Blue forces the Straw Hat Pirates to make a stop on their journey to return back to their hometowns, but in the process they are intercepted by Shiki's flying ship, who kidnaps Nami and detaines the rest of the crew on a flying island full of dangerous creatures.


One Piece Film Z