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Name: F-Wani
Crew: -
Position: -
First Introduced: Chapter 180
Bounty: 0 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
The crocodile that Miss All Sunday used to leave Rain Base. It's an animal from the same family of the Bananawani, but smaller and faster. His design resembles a Formula 1.

Name: Farafra
Crew: Rebel army
Position: Rebel
First Introduced: Chapter 163
Bounty: 0 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
Farafra Farafra 2 years later
One of Kohza's main mens in his rebellion against Arabasta's king. He lost his hand and shoulder after he tried to protect Kohza.

Name: Farul
Crew: Beautiful Pirates
Position: -
First Introduced: Chapter 722
Bounty: 0 Berries
Devil Fruit: -

Name: Fen Bock
Crew: Punk Hazard
Position: Satyr
First Introduced: Chapter 668
Bounty: 0 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
Fen Bock
"Fen Bock the Gourd" is a former pirate who was captured and taken to Punk Hazard as a guinea pig for government experiments. After the laboratory accident he lost his legs, but was rescued by Caesar. Later, thanks to the Law's ability he was transformed into a satyr.

Name: Fillonce
Crew: -
Position: -
First Introduced: Chapter 608
Bounty: 0 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
Fillonce is one Camie's friends who received the Straw Hats at Ningyo Creek on Gyojin Island. Along with Ishley and another ningyo, they opened the barrel where Caribou was held captive. Caribou then kidnapped the three using his ability to absorb them into his swamp body.

Name: Fishbone
Crew: Marine
Position: Doctor
First Introduced: Chapter 594
Bounty: 0 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
Dr. Fishbone is one of the doctors who attended to the wounded soldiers of the Marine after the battle at Marine Ford. He was the one who diagnosed the existence of Ambition in Koby and recommended him to start training under Garp's supervision.

Name: Fisher Tiger
Crew: Taiyou Pirates
Position: Former Captain
First Introduced: Chapter 521
Bounty: 230.000.000 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
Fisher Tiger
A legendary character. Long ago, in the land of Mariejoa, slavery was a constant, and among slaves, they were always several gyojins y ningyos. One day, a gyojin called Fisher Tiger climbed up with his bare hands the Red Line, to reach the Holy Land. Once there, he led a revolt, burning several Mariejoa house and gyojins and freeing slaves. Although he hated humans, Fisher Tiger freed human slaves, and among these, there was the Shichibukai Boa Hancock. Later, with the released gyojins, Fisher Tiger formed the Taiyou Pirates, and to erase their slavery mark, Fisher Tiger made over it the iconic red sun tattoo. In his attempt to reunite Koala with his family, a slave girl human, Fisher Tiger was ambushed by the Marines and was severely wounded. Refusing to accept a human blood transfusion, in his deathbed Tiger revealed to his nakamas his past as an slave and his hate towards the humans, but as though he was unable to forgive them his hatred should not be inherited by their race.

Name: Flapper
Crew: Tontatta Kingdom
Position: Deputy head
First Introduced: Chapter 711
Bounty: 0 Berries
Devil Fruit: -

Name: Fossa
Crew: Shirohige Pirates
Position: Commander of the fifteenth corps
First Introduced: Chapter 552
Bounty: 0 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
Foss is one of the commanders of the Shirohige Pirates. He uses a flaming sword to attack and he is always seen with a cigar in his mouth. He was one of the most bitterly mourned by the death of Portgas D. Ace at the hands of Admiral Akainu.

Name: Foxy
Crew: Foxy Pirate Crew
Position: Captain
First Introduced: Chapter 305
Bounty: 24.000.000 Berries
Devil Fruit: Noro Noro
See attack list
Foxy, known as the "Silver Fox" for his sly ways, is a pirate captain who plays a game called "Davy Back Fight", where you play games against other pirate crews and bet your crewmates. Foxy has gained many people for his crew this way. He is very sneaky and usually cheats to win. He posses the Noro Noro fruit, which slows down any object by 30 seconds.

Name: Franky
Crew: Straw Hat Pirates
Position: Shipwright
First Introduced: Chapter 329
Bounty: 44.000.000 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
See attack list
Franky past Franky Franky 2 years later
Franky "the cyborg", is the ship's shipwright. He was the hidden face of Water Seven. Leader of the Franky Family, a company of dismantlers that simultaneously exert of bounty hunters on the island. The Franky Family is formed by all those carpenters who do not get to surpass the exams of the Galley-La. He is the one who builded the Straw Hat's second ship, his "Dream Ship".

Franky's Past

The true identity of Franky is Cutty Flam, one of the apprentices of the legendary carpenter, Tom. After the government captured Tom, Franky attempt to stop the train in which they escorted him with his own hands, he was run over and declared dead... but he manage to survive transforming his body into a cyborg.

Name: Fukaboshi
Crew: Ryuuguu Kingdom
Position: Prince
First Introduced: Chapter 609
Bounty: 0 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
See attack list
Fukaboshi past Fukaboshi Fukaboshi 2 years later
The older brother of the Neptune Family princes of Ryuuguu Kingdom. He formed the Neptune Army along with his two younger brothers by his father order, the king, to capture Van der Decken IX, who has been harassing the family's youngest daughter, the Ningyo Princess. When the Straw Hat crew arrived at Gyojin Island, he came to meet them with his brothers Ryuuboshi and Manboshi for giving them a message by Jinbe, however, the crew ended up escaping after thoughting that they would arrest for their illegal entry. Fukaboshi is a shark ningyo.

Name: Fukurou
Crew: World Government
Position: CP9
First Introduced: Chapter 375
Bounty: 0 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
See attack list
His name means "owl" and he also compares his battle style with the one of an owl. He characterized for having a zip in his mouth, since he is incapable to keep secrets and he tells them to everybody. He can measure the force of the rest of members of the CP9 with a measurement called Douriki.

Name: Fullbody
Crew: Marine
Position: Santouhei - Third Class Private Recruit
First Introduced: Chapter 43
Bounty: 0 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
Fullbody past Fullbody
Known as Fullbody the "Iron Fist", he is a powerful marine officer. His marine ship passes Luffy's on the way to the restaurant Baratie. Fullbody tries to shoot a cannon at it but Luffy shoots it the other way and accidently hits the restaurant. Later inside Fullbody gets mad at the Sanji for not giving him his special wine he reserved. Sanji beats him up and throws him out making Fullbody furious. Later Fullbody befriends Jango and is demoted to Private. He and Jango currently work under Hina the"Black Cage".

Name: Fuwars
Crew: Buggy Pirate Crew
Position: Acrobatics
First Introduced: Chapter 10
Bounty: 0 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
A group of four pirates armed with knives known as the acrobatic Fuwars. They attacked Nami when she refused to fire Buggy's cannon against Luffy.

Name: Fuza
Crew: -
Position: -
First Introduced: Chapter 248
Bounty: 0 Berries
Devil Fruit: -
Fuza is the 30 ft. bird that Shura rides. He is a fire breathing bird, he can use this fire as throwing weapon against the enemies.