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One Piece timeline

Before the Pirate Age

4976 years before the Pirate Age:
  • The Tree of Knowledge was planted by the ancient Oharans.

3976 years before the Pirate Age:
  • The Palace of Alubarna was built.

1076 years before the Pirate Age:
  • The City of Gold, Shandora, is built.

898 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Begins the blank history, "the history that cannot be told".

798 years before the Pirate Age:
  • The blank history concludes.
  • The World Government is formed.

683 years before the Pirate Age:
  • The construction of Tequila Wolf bridge starts.

483 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Oars dies frozen in the Land of Ice.

384 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Montblanc Noland visited Jaya.

383 years before the Pirate Age:
  • A half of Jaya is sent up to Skypiea by the Knock Up Stream. A battle for "Upper Yard" begins between the former inhabitants of the "Verse" and Sky People.

378 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Noland returns to Jaya only to find half the island gone.

377 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Noland was executed in Lvneel for lying about Jaya.

186 years before the Pirate Age:
  • From South Blue's Briss Kingdom, the St. Briss departs.

136 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Dorry and Brogy are born.

117 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Kureha is born.

78 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Dorry and Brogy begin their 100 year fight.
  • The disease-carrying Kestia is believed to be extinct.

67 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Brook is born in West Blue.

50 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Edward Newgate is born.

49 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Crocus is born.

29 years before the Pirate Age:
  • The Rumbar Pirares leaves the wale, Laboon, in Twin Capes to Crocus charge.
  • Yorki and ten pirates are infected by a unknown virus, they separate from the rest of the Rumbar Pirates and try to cross the Calm Belt.
  • The Rumbar Pirates are totally aniquilitaed by some pirates who used poisonous weapong, they died recording "Binks' Sake" song for Laboon.

28 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Oimo and Karsee begin serving as indentured Island Gate Guards on Enies Lobby.

26 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Brook's soul manages to find his body, now it\'s juts bones.
  • Gekko Moriah is born.

23 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Bartholomew Kuma is born.

22 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Jinbe is born.
  • Crocodile is born on September 5th.

19 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Dracule Mihawk is born.

18 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Boodle leads the build of Orange Village.
  • Shakuyaku gives up pirating to open the Shakky's Rip-off Bar at Sabaody Archipelago.

17 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Donquixote Doflamingo is born.
  • Spandam is born.
  • Arlong is born in Gyojin Island.

16 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Tomato Gang is born.
  • Iceberg is born on January 3rd.
  • Marshall D. Teach is born on August 3rd.
  • Bell-mère is born.

13 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Jabra is born.

12 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Cutty Flam is born on Marh 9rd on South Blue.
  • Smoker is born on March 14th.
  • Kumadori is born.

10 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Hina is born on March 3rd.

8 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Blueno is born.

7 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Fukurou is born.
  • Boa Hancock is born.

6 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Nico Robin is born on February 6th in Ohara.
  • Rob Rucchi is born on June 2nd.
  • Hody Jones is born in Gyojin Island.

4 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Gold Roger is diagnosed to have a fatal disease.
  • Crocus joins the Roger Pirates.
  • Nico Olvia leaves Ohara to study the Poneglyph.

3 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Califa is born.

2 years before the Pirate Age:
  • Kaku is born.
  • Cutty Flam is abandoned by pirates and found by Tom. Tom takes him under his wing as an apprentice.

The beginning of the Pirate Age

Year 1:
  • Gold Roger was executed in Logue Town. With his death, The Great Pirate Age begins.
  • After Roger's execution, Shanks and Buggy separate to follow each one their own path as pirates.
  • Tom is sentenced to death for creating Gold Roger's ship, the "Oro Jackson".
  • Tashigi is born on October 6th.
  • Kuina is born.
  • Duval is born.
  • Koala is born in Foolshout Island.

Year 2:
  • Gaimon gets stuck in a box and is left behind by his nakamas in an unknown island.
  • The goverment uses the Buster Call against Ohara Island in West Blue.
  • The Ohara incident set a bounty of 79.000.000 Berries over Robin's head.
  • Hatchan saves Silvers Rayleigh out at sea and subsequently befriends him.
  • Portgas D. Ace is born on January 1st, dying Portgas D. Rouge after the birth.
  • Sabo is born on March 20th.
  • Nojiko is born.

Year 3:
  • Sanji is born on March 2nd in the North Blue.
  • Roronoa Zoro is born on November 11th.

Year 4:
  • Nami is born on July 3rd.
  • Stelly is born.

Year 5:
  • Usopp is born on April 1st in Syrup Village.
  • Usopp's father sets sail on Shanks Crew.
  • Monkey D. Luffy is born on May 5th.
  • Nami and Nojiko's town is attack by pirates and they are saved by Bell-mère. She takes them in as her own children and left the marines.
  • The Boa sisters are kidnapped aboard the Kuja's ship, and then sold as slaves to the Tenryuubito.

Year 6:
  • Vivi, princess of Arabasta is born.

Year 7:
  • Tony Tony Chopper is born on Decemeber 24th.
  • The World Government sends Rucchi to finish some pirates who had kidnapped the guard of a kingdom. Rucchi kills all the hostages and the pirates.
  • A kings visits the Kamabakka Kingdom and returns to his homeland as an okama, what forces his family to retire into exile.
  • Ace and Sabo start saving up money in order to buy a pirate ship to leave Dawn Island and become pirates.
  • Queen Otohime begins her collect signatures campaign in order for the Ryuuguu Kingdom is represented at the Reverie.

Year 9:
  • Princess Shirahoshi is born.
  • Fisher Tiger, who was enslaved by the Tenryubito for several years, breaks free and heads back to Gyojin Island to talk with King Neptune.

Year 10:
  • The Toms Workers completed the build of the first Umi Ressha.
  • Fisher Tiger scales the Red Line to Mariejoa, devastating the city and freing all the slaves, being the Boa sisters among them.
  • Fisher Tiger forms the Taiyou Pirates along with the released gyojins from the Tenryuubito.
  • The Boa sisters return to Amazon Lily with the help of elder Nyon.

Year 11:
  • Vivi makes friends with Kohza and start the Suna Suna Clan.
  • Kohza and Toto start the city of Yuba.
  • The Akagami Pirates makes there base at Fushchia Village.
  • Michael and Hoichael are born.
  • Boa Hancock is named Empress of Amazon Lily, Kuja pirate captain and Shichibukai, by the World Government.

Year 12:
  • Luffy gets his scar and eats the Gomu Gomu no Mi.
  • Shanks loses his left arm and gives Luffy his straw hat before leaving the town
  • Chou Chou and his master opened a pet shop in Orange.
  • Montblanc Cricket starts the search for the City of Gold in Jaya.
  • Tonjit is abandoned by his nomad tribe in Long Ring Long.
  • The actress Victoria Cindry dies in an accident.
  • Garp leaves Luffy to Dadan care.
  • Luffy, Ace and Sabo become "brothers" through the ritual of Sakazuki.
  • The noble burn the Gray Terminal for the arrival of the Tenryuubito to Goa Kingdom.
  • Dragon and the revolutionaries, including Ivankov and Kuma, save many people from the burn of the Gray Termninal, and proposes to join them.
  • Sabo departs to the sea alone, but in his way is intercepted and bombarded by a Tenryuubito.
  • The Taiyou Pirates meet Koala, a young girl who was a slave of the Tenryubito. Fisher Tiger rebrands her slave mark into the mark of the sun, making her the very first human to bear the Taiyou Pirates' emblem.
  • Upon returning Koala to her home island, Fisher Tiger is ambushed by Marines led by Rear Admiral Strawberry. After barely escaping the island with a Marine ship stolen by his crew, Tiger chooses to die rather than receive a transfusion from the human blood on the ship.
  • Angered over Tiger's death, Arlong heads back to Foolshout Island to get revenge on the humans who betrayed Tiger, only to be defeated and captured by Vice Admiral Borsalino.

Year 13:
  • Zeff's crew aboard the "Orbit", Zeff and Sanji get to a desert island.
  • Zeff y Sanji are rescued and they open the Baratie.
  • Ninjin, Piman y Tamanegi are born in Syrup.

Year 14:
  • Jinbe leaves to Arlong in charge of his crew when he becomes a Shichibukai.
  • Arlong's pirated invade Kokoyashi.
  • Bell-mère is killed by Arlong and Nami joins Arlong's crew.
  • Spandam uses Franky's ships (the Battle Franky) to attack the Shihousen (judicial ship).
  • Cutty Flam, apprentice and adoptive song of Tom along Iceberg, dies after being ridded by Puffing Tom.
  • Tom is executed at Enies Lobby.
  • The Queen Otohime is killed by Hody Jones, who blames a human pirate.
  • Princess Shirahoshi gets touched by Van der Decken, becoming the target of his ability and being forced to hide in the Hard-Shell Towe Tower.
  • The New Gyojin Pirates celebrate the beginning of their plan, leading to the massive production of the Energy Steroids.

Year 15:
  • Iceberg forms Galley-La Company by uniting the seven docks at Water Seven.
  • A violent war takes place at Kuraigana Island, resulting in the death of all his inhabitants and converting the Humandrills into powerful warriors.

Year 16:
  • Chopper eats the Hito Hito fruit and is shunned from his group.
  • Chopper is adopted by Hiruluk.
  • The kings of Grand Line attend at the Reverie in the sacred land of Mariejoa to argue about Dragon.
  • Enel destroys his sky island home, Bilca and defeats Gan Fall to become the new god of Skypiea.

Year 17:
  • Doctor Hiruluk committed suicide.
  • Chopper is under the trusteeship of doctor Kureha.
  • Usopp forms the "Usopp Pirates".
  • Rucchi, Kaku and Califa joins Galley-La.
  • Brook (Hanauta) attacks Thriller Bark with the intention of recovering his shadow, but he is defeated by Ryuma.
  • Robin enters the Grand Line using the Reverse Mountain from the West Blue.

Year 18:
  • Nico Robin and Crocodile join forces.
  • Franky returns to Water Seven.

Year 19:
  • Kuro fakes his execution and becomes a servant of Kaya.
  • Morgan is promoted to Captain after the capture of the fake pirate Kuro.
  • Ace leaves Dawn Island to become a pirate.

Year 20:
  • Koby leaves to fish and is kidnapped by the Alvida Pirates and forced to be part of their crew.
  • Vivi and Igaram joins Baroque Works in order to spy Mr. 0.
  • The "Dance Powder" dry the country of Arabasta and King Cobra are blamed for that reason.
  • The Blackbeard crew attacks Drum and Wapol escapes to the exile forming a pirate crew.
  • Portgas D. Ace founded the Spade Pirates.

Year 21:
  • Kaya's parents die.
  • Banchina, Usopp's mother dies of his illness.
  • Usopp becomes Kaya's friend and starts telling his stories.

Year 22:
  • Luffy leaves his hometown in a boat with the idea of becoming the next Pirate King.