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Episode 510 RAW

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Episode 510 RAW

Notapor H-Samba el Dom Ago 14, 2011 2:20 pm

Sanji's suffering. The queen returns to his kingdom!:

Luffy’s latest news continued to reach to the rest of the Straw Hat crew. Chopper, after his resolution of the fight between the native people and the birds, was preparing to leave the island when he learns everything by the newspaper. Robin meanwhile, is invited by the revolutionaries to meet with their leader, Dragon. Finally, Sanji assists to Ivankov’s return to his kingdom, where he would have to prove him that he really is Luffy’s nakama.


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人はいつ死ぬと思う? 心臓をピストルで打ち抜かれた時。違う! 不治の病に冒された時。違う!!
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