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Episode 518 RAW

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Episode 518 RAW

Notapor H-Samba el Dom Oct 09, 2011 5:42 pm

A critical situation! Luffy vs. Fake Luffy:

New members of the Straw Hat crew continue making a stop at Shakky’s bar to confirm their arrival. Meanwhile, Luffy has meet with the fake that is replacing him and has to get out of this delicate situation without attracting much attention. On the other hand, the other fake Straw Hats have meet with Chopper, which has mistaken them with the real ones and decided to follow them... until something strange happened: The government men have kidnapped Robin!


Download this episode from here.
人はいつ死ぬと思う? 心臓をピストルで打ち抜かれた時。違う! 不治の病に冒された時。違う!!
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