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Episode 811 RAW

Versión en inglés de las noticias y novedades de OP-PirateKing.
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Episode 811 RAW

Mensajepor Citan » Dom Oct 29, 2017 11:40 pm

I'll wait here. Luffy vs. the enraged army:

Luffy faces dozens of Chess Soldiers while Galette manages to reduce Nami by preventing her from using again the storm against the enraged army. At the same time, Amande cuts King Baum by half, although he was acting by the influence of the Vivre Card and against his desires. Meanwhile, Sanji discusses with Big Mom about the possibility of letting his nakamas flee in return for him agreeing to marry without resistance. However, the Yonkou's children have already reduced Luffy by using his multiple Akuma no Mi abilities. The prisoners will be transferred to the castle, but Luffy is not willing to abandon his promise of waiting for Sanji and tries by all means to cling to the ground to avoid being dragged away.


Download this episode from here.
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