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Episode 799 RAW

Versión en inglés de las noticias y novedades de OP-PirateKing.
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Episode 799 RAW

Mensajepor H-Samba » Dom Jul 30, 2017 3:54 pm

An all-out duel. Gear Fourth vs. the Bisu Bisu ability:

Cracker tries to explain to Luffy that Sanji is the prince of a powerful nation, he belongs to a higher social class, reason why he doesn't have anything to do with some scruffy pirates. Cracker's defense is incredibly hard, Luffy's punches seem to have no effect at all. In the margin of the fight, Chopper and Carrot manage to hear Nami's voice from the mirrors dimension in which they are trapped. Luffy decides to give it all countering with his Gear Fourth. The attack manages to destroy the Cracker's armor, however, it turns out that this "Biscuit Soldier" is just a creation of the Bisu Bisu no Mi, the real Cracker was hidden inside.


Download this episode from here.
人はいつ死ぬと思う? 心臓をピストルで打ち抜かれた時。違う! 不治の病に冒された時。違う!!

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