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Episode 849 RAW

Versión en inglés de las noticias y novedades de OP-PirateKing.
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Episode 849 RAW

Mensajepor Citan » Dom Ago 12, 2018 4:45 pm

Before the dawn. Leader of the Guardians, Pedro:

Luffy's attack has crossed Perospero's wall towards crashing fists against Katakuri. The Straw Hat crew quickly aboard the Sunny while fleeing from Big Mom, there they discover what has happened with Chopper and Brook. Nami and Carrot run to the ship's hold to load the fuel and put it on the move. Meanwhile, Luffy tries to contain Katakuri, but he's able to foresee his attacks and deform his body so they can't touch him. A large number of ships surround the Sunny and Perospero has created a strong candy layer of in the water to prevent them from escaping. Pedro confronts Perospero while remembering his first visit to Whole Cake Island, this time he has come knowing that his life is close to its end, so he decides to immolate himself with an explosive belt to give the others a chance to escape.


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