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Episode 867 RAW

Versión en inglés de las noticias y novedades de OP-PirateKing.
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Episode 867 RAW

Mensajepor Citan » Dom Ene 06, 2019 4:41 pm

Lurking in the darkness. An assassin attacking Luffy!:

Luffy tries to follow Rayleight's teachings to get ahead of Katakuri's attacks, but an attack by a hidden enemy causes his legs to lose their balance. Meanwhile, Mont D'Or orders the troops to concentrate on Cacao Island while waiting for Luffy to escape crossing the last mirror. Back at Mirroworld, Katakuri realizes that his sister Flampe is the one who has been helping him shooting stun needles from her hideout, but by then Luffy has already managed to control his ability to prevent the future and manages to dodge the needle.


Download this episode from here.
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