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Episode 876 RAW

Versión en inglés de las noticias y novedades de OP-PirateKing.
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Episode 876 RAW

Mensajepor H-Samba » Dom Mar 17, 2019 4:50 pm

A man of honor. Jinbe, a desperate massive ocean current:

Now that Big Mom has returned to normal, Perospero tries to convince her to take the command and go after Bege. Meanwhile, in the waters of Isla Cacao, Smoothie realizes that the ship they have destroyed is not the Thousand Sunny. Wadatsumi managed to hide the Straw Hat crew's ship in his mouth and exchanged it for the Taiyou Pirates' one at the last moment. However, Oven heats the sea with his ability forcing Wadatsumi to surface and exposing the Thousand Sunny once again. The battle between the Taiyou Pirates and the Big Mom fleet intensify. As their former captain, Jinbe is honor-bound to help them cover the the Straw Hat crew's rear. Luffy agrees to his request, with the only condition that he returns alive from this one.


Download this episode from here.
人はいつ死ぬと思う? 心臓をピストルで打ち抜かれた時。違う! 不治の病に冒された時。違う!!

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