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Episode 814 RAW

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Episode 814 RAW

Mensaje por Citan » Dom Nov 19, 2017 3:25 pm

Shout of the soul. Brook and Pedro's lightning strategy:

Pedro's distraction is a total success, the explosions have attracted the attention of the guard and both Tamago and Smoothie have left the treasure room. Although the door remains closed and heavily guarded, Brook has managed to infiltrate, now he has only a few Chess Soldiers as resistance. Meanwhile, in Mirroworld, Carrot spies Brûlée and her henchmen from a hideout in the roof. The Carrot they had captured was one of the animals to which Brûlée changed their appearance with her ability. Finally, Pudding visits Luffy and Nami in the prisoner's library, she has a message for them that will leave their faces totally pale.


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