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Episode 837 RAW

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Episode 837 RAW

Mensaje por H-Samba » Dom May 20, 2018 4:25 pm

The birth of Mom. The day that Carmel vanished:

Mother Carmel managed to work a miracle calming down the fire that was devastating Elbaf. However, Linlin's insatiable appetite ended with the death of the giant Jorl. Mother Carmel had to resort to the compassion of the giants to prevent them from retaliating on Linlin. A new House of Lambs was built on the outskirts, where Linlin could not cause any damage. What nobody knew, is that the interest of Mother Carmel with the children was quite dark, the orphanage was nothing more than an orphan trafficking business, in which Linlin was a precious jewel. After some time, the children of the House of Lambs prepared the semlas that Linlin liked so much for his birthday. But something strange happened the next morning, everyone in the orphanage disappeared except for her.


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