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Chapter 950 Manga Plus

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Chapter 950 Manga Plus

Mensaje por H-Samba » Dom Jul 28, 2019 10:05 pm

The warriors' dream:

The prisoner mine has finally been taken. While Kid and Killer escape in search of their nakama, Chopper tries to cure Luffy's infection. The prisoners end up discovering Momonosuke and everyone kneels before his presence. In Kuri, Shutenmaru takes Kinemon and Inuarashi to the graves of those who died in the rebellion 10 years ago, when they tried to attack Onigashima thinking they would never return. In Hakumai, Zoro has got rid of all the ninjas they sent after them, but before the final battle he needs to find the man who snatched his sword "Shuusui". Finally, Law remains captive in the Flower Capital, where Hawkins is torturing him to reveal the Straw Hat crew's plan.


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