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Episode 815 RAW

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Episode 815 RAW

Mensaje por H-Samba » Dom Nov 26, 2017 6:27 pm

Goodbye. Pudding's tearful determination:

Pudding's message for Luffy and Nami concludes with a simple tearful farewell. Both have been left completely surprised and Luffy demands between shouts to Pudding to return to clarify things. In Brûlée's house at the Mirroworld, Chopper and Carrot start their counterattack to scape, taking advantage of the fact that everyone is focused on the frog with Carrot's appearance. In the Whole Cake Château's treasure room, Brook is surprised by an unexpected visit, Big Mom knocks down the gate to face the thief. Finally, a badly wounded Reiju walks through the corridors of the castle, it seems that someone has shot her.


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