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Episode 818 RAW

Publicado: Dom Dic 17, 2017 6:06 pm
por H-Samba
The undaunted soul. Brook vs. Big Mom:

Pudding uses the power of "Memo Memo no Mi" to alter Reiju's memories so she doesn't remembers anything about their conversation, her wound would have been the product of a stray bullet. Meanwhile, in the treasure room, Brook continues to stand up and continue fighting despite the all beating he's taking from Big Mom. In case Sanji doesn't return, Brook wants this journey to be worthwhile, and that’s why he is determined to take the Road Poneglyph. In the Prisoner's Library, Opera is willing to make Luffy and Nami split out Lola’s current location. However, before he can start his torture, he's surprised by Jinbe's attack.


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