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Episode 844 RAW

Publicado: Dom Jul 08, 2018 4:53 pm
por Citan
Elbaf no Yari. Assault! Big Mom flying in the sky:

Big Mom is totally out of control, to the point of charging against her own children. To prevent the city from being destroyed, Perospero concludes that the best is to tell Big Mom that the wedding cake was stolen by the Straw Hat crew, so they get some time to prepare a new cake with which they can calm her down. On their side, the Straw Hat crew crosses their path with King Baum, who is again forced to carry all of them on their flight. Meanwhile, the Germa 66 has returned to the ships of the Germa Kingdom, where they surprise the Big Mom Pirates trying to steal all their investigation. Finally, Big Mom quickly catch up with the Straw Hat crew flying over Zeus, and practically without sharing a word, she launches her attack on them.


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